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Remote Learning April-May 2020

Student ID and Passwords

Do you need your child's student ID number and password?

email Mrs. Olstad:

Recommended learning times for K-5 students

The New Mexico Public Education Department has recommended these daily time limits for elementary age students.  These do not include the televised lessons on KNME.

Grades Kinder-1: 45 minutes

Grades 2-3: 60 minutes

Grades 4-5: 90 minutes

APS@Home Broadcasting

Beginning Monday, April 6, APS @HOME will begin broadcasting from 8 a.m. to noon weekdays on Channel 5.1. Educational programs also will be posted to the APS YouTube Channel.External link  APS @HOME will give students in grades K-5 the chance to resume lessons in key topics as determined by the district.

KNME Schedule
Chromebook Distribution at Sombra
Tutorial for logging into to access student lessons and content
Getting to Seesaw tutorial

Free e-books

roadrunner recognition

Logging into a Chromebook?

To log into a Chromebook:

1.  enter the student


2. enter the student password (this is first name and last name initials and then a period and the six digits of their birthday.

ex:  cm.090412

Google Meet Information

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is a video conferencing app where people can connect with one another virtually.  It is similar to Zoom or Facetime with more people. 

To use Google Meet, you must use Google Chrome and student must be logged into their Google account on Google Docs or Google Classroom.

1.  Log into

2.  Log into one of the Google apps - docs, classroom using student ID, then and enter their password



2.  Click on the Google Meet app

3. Enter the code given by the teacher

Google Meet Tutorial