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Registration and Disenrollment Information


(add information for open enrollment day at school)

Beginning in 2018 Registration can be completed online using ParentVue. Visit the APS Enrollment page to learn about age, immunization, proof of address requirements and how to use ParentVue to enroll your student.

Paperwork Needed:  Birth Certificate, Shot Records, Proof of Residence (PNM bill, Gas bill, Lease or Purchase Agreement), if Native American their CIB, copy of most recent IEP and name and address of school attended last year.  If you are living with family or friends we will need their proof of residence and they will need to accompany you to fill out the proper paperwork. 


  1. Contact the school office to set up a time to process the disenrollment, when you contact the school you can begin the process by asking if your student has any outstanding items in the library, classroom or an outstanding balance in the cafeteria.
  2. When you come to the office to disenrolled you will be given a disenrollment form which you will take to the cafeteria, library and classroom in order to verify that your student's accounts are cleared before leaving the school.  (Note:  if your student has outstanding items in the cafeteria, library or book room, their negative balances will follow them if you are transferring to another APS School.)
  3. It is helpful to inform the teacher prior to your student leaving so they will be able to collect your student's belongings for their last day.  It will also allow your student to say their good byes to their classmates and friends. (NOTE: This does not replace the disenrollment process, you will still need to process the disenrollment in the school office.)

(add other information for the beginning of the school year like meet the teacher night, curriculum night, etc.)